15 most common travel mistakes


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Don’t believe who tells you that nothing ever goes wrong during a trip.

Trips never go quite the way you plan them, and this is  half of the fun of traveling.

You always have to enjoy every single modification to the plan.

In this post I wanna talk about the most common travel mistakes, and also how to avoid them.

Please, read this post as a suggestion and an example, because  the best person who knows how you have to travel is you!

  1. Overpacking

Packing your travel bag might be one of the biggest struggles!

To avoid this problem, pack your bag as usual, then take out half the clothes you originally planned. Probably you won’t wear all of it, and, of course, you won’t exceed  the weight limit and end up paying the high baggage  fees.

I suggest you to read my related post about “9+ items you always have to bring on vacation“.


  1. Not planning enough

One of the worst travel mistakes you can make is not having enough information ahead of time about the places you are going to visit.

Reading reviews for all the bookings you make (hotel rooms, tours, transportation, etc.) will give you a pretty good idea about what to expect.

Make a to do list, a list of bucket items for your trip ahead of time, and wait to see what you feel like doing each day. This is the perfect way to enjoy a spontaneous vacation, but you still have a rough idea of what you have to do and see.

I always read both bad and good reviews. Someone else’s good review may  actually be bad news for you.  It’s also important to read the most current ones. Things may change (for better or for worse) over time.


  1. Short lay-overs.

Flight conditions can be unpredictable.

If one gets delayed, you might be forced to rush through an unfamiliar airport to make your connecting flight, and you might not make it in time.

In order to avoid this problem, it’s best to book them with a safe buffer of time in between

short lay overs ematripsnpics

  1. Not Buying Travel Insurance

This is another common travel mistakes.

Travel insurance covers cancellation fees, so if you unexpectedly can’t make your vacation or business trip, you won’t be out hundreds of dollars.

Some plans also cover emergency medical expenses if your own health insurance plan doesn’t cover you outside your country.

  1. Not Keeping Track of Your Reservation Details

It’s an unnecessary hassle to have to rummage through your bags for your itinerary, and you might not have access to a printer for another copy if you lose it.

If you can, keep your itinerary in its own bag pocket or keep an electronic copy on your phone.

  1. Exchanging money at the airport

As soon as you leave the airport, you’ll need local currency to take public transportation or cab rides in many countries.

Taking out money from the airport’s ATMs gives you better exchange rates, so get what you need there, and maybe a little extra for emergencies.

We use our credit card whenever possible, but we always keep cash on hand.

       7. Bringing the wrong adapter

Don’t be the person who forgets the right adapter because it’s one of those things people (like me) will hate having to share!

So, buy a universal adapter for  safe, happy traveling.

  1.  Trying to see too much in one trip

I confess, before Jacopo’s birth, Pierluigi and I were 100% guilty of committing this travel mistake. Now we both realized that vacations are much more fun when you take it slow.

  1. Visiting only the best known attractions

Most tourists limit their travel experience to the most famous attractions, and for sure this is correct. But don’t forget to let yourself explore new areas, you will not regret it.

  1. Too Scared To Talk To Strangers

You don’t take that flight and travel all over the world to be alone!

The real traveler is the one who fears not to explore and discover new faces, cultures, traditions, religions, and beliefs.

It is your one and only chance to step out of your bubble and create new connections with people who don’t speak your language, people who seem so different yet so similar.

Don’t create obstacles that don’t even exist. Celebrate the fact that you are lucky enough to travel the world and meet people from different countries.

give me five

  1. Traveling During High Season

If you really wanna enjoy your vacation, make sure you are not traveling during high season.

Most of the tourists totally forget about this. Therefore, they end up ruining their vacation and start blaming themselves for wasting their dollars on a trip that they couldn’t even enjoy!

  1. Not taking a break

Normally I feel like I’m wasting my time if I sit in a café, or restaurant, for longer than it takes me to have coffee or lunch. And I often go back to my room to rest.

Well, pushing your body too hard is never a good solution!

Don’t force yourself and when you feel tired, find a café, have a seat and rest for a bit, in the long run, you’ll be happy you rested.

  1. Not sampling local cuisine

The discovery of a country,  its culture, its traditions also passes through food.

When you are abroad clear all culinary preconceptions, and do not expect to eat like at home, but allow yourself to be tempted by new taste experiences, you will be surprisingly ecstatic.

dinner in Sofia

  1. Not dressing according to social customs

This point is connected to point # 2; before you go to a place gather as much information as possible about social customs and in particular the “dress code”.

Remember,  if you are going to visit Places of worship have shoulders and knees covered.

  1. Choosing glamorous outfits over comfort and functionality

This is the last one of my personal list of travel mistakes.

Everyone wants to look great on vacation, and on travel shots, but I assure you that walking miles, under the sun with high heels, risking to fall to the ground, does not make us at all glamorous.

So, pack comfy clothing and absolutely never, ever, pack clothes you have never worn before!

abbigliamento da safari

Which of these is the travel error you are frequently committing? Please, leave your comment in the comments section below