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Sights and Smells of Medieval Tuscany villages: Volterra and Bolgheri


Medieval Tuscany

Pierluigi, Jacopo and I spent two days discovering two Tuscany gems: Volterra and Bolgheri.

Sited on the confluence of the Cecina and Era Valle, Volterra is a very ancient city of Etruscan origin.



Volterra city centre


Volterra still has a typical medieval appearance which has been preserved almost intact over the centuries.


A medieval village
The city centre

At the centre of the town is  Piazza dei Priori surrounded by wonderful medieval buidings built in a mellow sienna coloured stone.

Palazzo dei Priori : The oldest Government Palace in Tuscany
Streets in Volterra

In addition, the town is well-know for its residents’ alabaster artistry. Alabaster is a form of crystallized chalk that has a delicate, milky but translucent texture.


A typical restaurant in Bolgheri


Our discovery of Tuscany continues with the amazing Bolgheri.

The name Bolgheri comes from a Bulgarian  military camp, allied with the Longobards 

As can be seen, Bolgheri is a charming village on top of  a round hill, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.

Walking around Bolgheri

It’s perfect for a dinner out and for a nice and relaxing walk trough the Tuscan countryside. I definitely suggest a drive along the famous Viale dei Cipressi that leads to Bolgheri;  this is a scenic, straight avenue, borded by majestic and ancient cypresses leading you in front of the Bolgheri’s Castle.


The famous Viale dei Cipressi
The Bolgheri Castle

But Bolgheri is olso world famous  for its wines : Ornellaia, Sassicaia, Tua Rita, Tenuta Argentiera, Guado al Tasso…hats off !!

Cheers  guys !!!!