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Kids Tips&Tricks

Flying with a baby: a complete survival guide.


Flying with a baby is like traveling with a rock band: you have to be ready!

If you prepare ahead of time you and your child will be better suited for a successful travel experience.

(check out my post “travel with a baby” for a complete travel guide)

I suggest to wait (if you can) till the baby is 6 months old for longer flight. Infact, by 6 months babies sleep cycles are  more ingrained and they are more resilient. If they miss a nap they can still roll with it.

I even think that 0-4 weeks would be better than 2-4 months; since babies are still in the “new born” haze and can sleep pretty much anywhere.


Airplanes are very stimulating and at times uncomfortable places. Grin and bear and even try to find the humor in that situation, it will be over before you know it.

Below my personal to do list to face a flight with a baby:

  • Plan your seat ahead of time;
  • Book a seat that has a bassinet connection and a separate seat for your older child if needed;
  • Be prepared with snacks and fluids;
  • Bring lot of extra clothing and diapers;
  • Protect ears: during descent and takeoff we usually keep Jacopo sucking on his pacifier or a juice to relieve ear pressure. We give him decongestant only if he’s cold;
  • Bring your child’s favorite toys;
  • Bring favorite items that your kid associates to sleep;
  • Consider scheduling trips around your child’s sleep time;
  • Reserve a window seat: it gives you privacy for nursing or feeding and added bonus, a nice diversion for babies who like to look out;
  • Be gentle with youself and your baby: despite your best efforts sometimes babies just need to cry on a plane


I still remember Jacopo’s desperate crying during his first flight.

I was getting the evil eye from all those around me. It was hard, but it’s gonna happen. In the return flight Jacopo slept all the time and he was the hostesses’mascotte who kept repeating what an angelic baby I had.


And what about you?

Share any tips you learned along the way!!!


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Europe Italy Kids Lombardy

Leolandia is the children’s amusement park even grown ups will enjoy.

After Jacopo’s 100th request to go to Leolandia, we organized a day at the Lombard fun park during Halloween weekend, renamed (for obvious reasons) HalLEOween !! On the 30th of October, therefore, armed with witch hats, pumpkin shaped bags and a headband with ghosts (obviously for me) we reach Leolandia, which during  the “night of witches” has been set in full Halloween mood with lots of pumpkins, ghosts, warlock  and steaming pots


Leolandia Amusement Park is located in Capriate San Gervasio, 17 km from Bergamo and just over 15km from Orio al SerioAirport

The park is equipped with a car park (car and caravan) for a cost of € 5,00 a day(for cars).

Alternatively, you can leave your car at the mall’s free parking or at the freeway parking lot (N.B. Mc Donald’s parking has 1 / 1.5 hour rest limit, surely not enough to enjoy the park).

The entrance fee  depends  on the day you decide to visit the park and, for children, according to the height (up to 90 cm high the ticket is free)

There are, however, some tips  to spend less, like, for example, buying a fixed-term ticket (online directly from the site), possibly some days in advance.

For those who travel many miles to please their children, packages (including on the park website) are also available (including hotel stay).

On these packages and on the hotels we can not say anything, as considered the proximity to the park, we went back to our cottage the same day (ps Jacopo slept twelve hours straight, which was so extraordinary that I got up 4/5 times to check that he wasn’t sick).

“And if it rains?” For those who bought the ticket and visited the park on a rainy day it’s possible to return for free to give families the opportunity to live out  their extraordinary day.


Opening hours of Leolandia amusement park is from 10am to 6pm (Mon-Sat-Sun), with special opening times for special events or holidays.

As far as the lunch break is concerned, the park has many refreshment points (sooner or later the most irriducible children stop, instantly developing a wolf-like appetite!).

There are numerous bars and restaurants with a selection of seasonal dishes and gluten free menus for special needs.

In addition, for packed lunch lovers, there are two picnic areas where you can eat your meal, as well as spread over several areas in the park, baby bottle warmers and microwave ovens for the tiniest of kids.

New mothers can also benefit from 7 nurseries for nursing, changing nappies, or just resting!

However, on the park web site you can check timetables and individual events of the day.


Peppa Pig's World

Leolandia Amusement Park is basically divided into two large areas, the first on the right of the main entrance, dedicated to the youngest.

In this area we find, in fact, the world of Peppa Pig, an area entirely devoted to the piggy so loved by children, as much as hated by parents.

Here we find the perfect reconstruction of the house of the Pig family, Mr Bull‘s yard, the legendary Father Pig’s red car and the famous mud puddles (fake in the winter months).

Needless to say, fun is assured; Jacopo looked like a mad ball, jumping left and right.

At the end of the tour (both at home and at the yard) you can take a picture with Peppa and her brother George.

Masha and the Bear

Beyond Peppa Pig’s area, you reach the section dedicated to Masha and Bear. Here we find the ambulance and the eternally hungry wolves. At the Fattoria Theater you can watch the show “Sing and dance with Masha and Bear” (in different time throughout the day), during which adults and children are allowed to carry the rhythm of the most beautiful cartoon songs. Even in this case at the end of the show, whoever wants, can take a picture with the cute characters of the Soviet cartoon. Close to the area dedicated to Masha and Bear is a real farm with goats, cows, hens.

PJ Masks

What can we say … anyone who has to do with a child aged between two and six knows very well that the kids in their PJs are pretty much everywhere, becoming children’s favorite cartoon (in fact, the good old Mickey Mouse is hacked like a bee). On Palco Italia, the most famous troupe of heroes makes its entrance making  children hysterical (it is said that pacifiers or dummies and plush animals have been thrown on the stage .. The envy of Woodstock groupies). At the end of the show, during which the super PJs Mask show off their super powers, we all head for the queue to take a picture!  And we did it twice, as the first time around, Jacopo could not make the picture with his favorite pajamas, Gekko, so we waited for the next show and related queue to take a photo with the green PJ Mask … and I must say that it was worth it !!

The rides

The second large area of ​​Leolandia is dedicated to the rides, in all 40 between rides and attractions. Access is regulated by the baby height, but if you want to accompany your little ones there are no restrictions on the rides (except for the most reckless ones). Jacopo has tried them all with me or Pierluigi. Nice experience is the ride on the Thomas & Friends train, the nice blue locomotive accompanies you in a playful park tour.

Shows and Animations

Leolandia  also means shows and animations for the whole family. I would highly recommend that you attend one of the shows that take place in the Leo Arena. We attended the “Secret Castle” Halloween theme (of course). A turbine of emotions, lights, and costumes that has enchanted us the entire time. Noteworthy are also the various shows that take place in various areas of the park at different times of the day.
Leolandia is undoubtedly a park designed and built for the fun of children, they are the target of the park (rightfully so) but with an attentive eye toward the needs of parents who for a few hours can put aside thoughts and responsibilities, going back to being kids while having fun with their children.


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Kids Tips&Tricks

Traveling with babies: a short survival guide for parents


Travel is a gateway to unknown experiences that can shape the life you live and the person you want to become.

For me travel is an education that tought me more than my university graduation, so I think it’s very important to teach my child about the world, not to mention how much fun we have as a family when we travel together.

Jacopo and the black pebble beach
Train trip
I have to admit that travel with a baby can present its own unique set of obstacles, especially when it’s your first time.
The aim of this post is to encourage you to ignore the nay-sayers and find a solution that works for everyone 
“It’s dangerous!”; “It’s irresponsable!”; “Babies need routine, they don’t want to be shuffled around all over the globe”…these are few exclamations you’ll have thrown your way.
I can confirm that babies do like routines but I think the occasional break from the ordinary life makes children more adaptable.
Remember, traveling with your baby, and family  in general, provides opportunities to connect with your loved ones on a level that can’t be archieved in everyday life chaos.


Jacopo and me at Garda Lake
Jacopo and the Trullo building
So here are few key tips useful to planning your next family adventure:
Sounds very  simple but think about what you’ll need when you travel to a cold destination from a hot or warm climate!!
I breastfed my baby boy so we did not have to worry about baby formula. However I’ve learned from friends that once a baby finds a formula he/she likes it’s typically the only they will eat.
When you are traveling, a stroller is not just a stroller, it’s a bed and an all-around stuff hauler!!
lots of them!! Diaper wipes are a traveling parent’s best friend.
They serve as a toilet paper (don’t flush!) and can clean any number of surface that you or your baby may need to touch.
Even for a 10 minutes walk!!!
Load your tablet with music, videos, shows and games.
Don’t try to replicate the way you used to travel before baby. Things are different now, so try not to sqeeze too many activities or sightseeing into one day!
Now you’re ready, so let’s travel!!!!
Jacopo at Fusine Lakes
In the cable car reaching Monte Lussari
Jacopo at Lake Tovel