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Verona hit and run – half a day in the city of Romeo and Juliet


When one hears the name Verona the first thing that comes to mind are Romeo and Juliet, the most unfortunate lovers in human history.

Taking advantage of a warm October day and a work commitment in the town of Christmascakes, Pandoro, Pierluigi and I arranged a hit and run visit of this beautiful city.

After leaving Jacopo at his Kindergarten we left for Verona driving a little over an hour on the Toll-way.

In order to save time, we left our car in the most central of the toll parkings, the multi floor “Cittadella” about 50 mt (56 yds) from Piazza Bra.

The city does offer low cost parking across the Adige River, or even free parking like the one close to the Bentegodi Stadium in Olimpia Square.

Via Roma - Verona
Piazza Bra e l'Arena
Our visit starts with Bra Square, no, it’s not a square dedicated to female lingerie, but the city’s largest square.
To reach the square we walk through the Bra doors, built within the medieval walls which connected Bra Square with the suburban countryside.
To the right of the door one can see the Pentagon Tower, a defensive construction built during the communal era.
Bra Square is the foyer to the great Arena.
The perfect place to meet up with friends have a chat while drinking a cocktail or have some coffee in one of the many cafes open year round.


I portoni della Bra

Across the Square you finally reach the beautiful and world famous Arena, the Roman amphitheater built between 10 and 20 AD, inside which, to date, many famous operas and events take place, giving the viewer a unique and evocative atmosphere.

Piazza Bra - Verona
La casa di Giulietta

From the Arena following along Via Mazzini, I.e. the  shopping route, you reach Via Cappello and after a few meters to your right Juliette’s house, not to mention her bronze statue and famous balcony, symbol of lovers the world over.

Via Mazzini - Verona
Statue of Juliet
Piazza delle Erbe

Not far from Juliette’s house is Piazza delle Erbe (Square of the Herbs), the city’s ancient historical center. At the center of the square there are little stands that sell fruit salads and other articles of craftsmanship.

Piazza delle Erbe
My new hat
Torre dei Lamberti

In this Square you will see Lamberti Tower an 84mt tall medieval tower, from the top of which one can admire an unforgettable view of the city. The ticket to the Tower (€8) also gives the right to visit the exhibition of modern art right next to the tower.

Torre dei Lamberti
Verona's view from Torre dei Lamberti
Scalinata - Torre dei Lamberti
Ponte di Castelvecchio

Our next stop was Ponte di Castelvecchio (the Castelvecchio Bridge) better known as Ponte Scaligero.

The bridge starts from the fortress of Castelvecchio and is made of bricks and stones, distinguished by its three slender arches and sits on the banks of the Adige River.

The bridge is always accessible without a fee.

Castelvecchio bridge
Giardino Giusti

Our last stop in our half a day visit to Verona was Giardino Giusti (the Giusti Gardens), slightly away from the city center, in my opinion is a must see.

Giardino Giusti - Viale dei Cipressi

The garden is located in the Palace’s “backyard”. The palace is shaped like a horseshoe, typical of the 500s.

Once you pass through the gates the feeling you get is that if being immersed in a green labyrinth: flowerbeds, stairways, statues and artificial caves line the cypress lined avenue leading to the progressive terraces.

Giardino Giusti - Labyrinth
Giardino Giusti

Don’t miss out on the rise to the Belvedere which boasts an exceptional view of the city, not to mention an extraordinary view of the magnificent gardens in their entirety.

The Gardens are open all year round and can be visited for a mere €8, with the ticket to the Giusti Palace.

Giardino Giusti - Belvedere

To optimize  your visit to the city we suggest to purchase the Verona card which allows you to access the main museums, monuments and churches at discount price or for free.

Furthermore, it gives the holder the right to a 10% discount in partecipating restaurants and also free pubblic transportation.

Via Roma's porticos - Verona