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Flying with a baby: a complete survival guide.


Flying with a baby is like traveling with a rock band: you have to be ready!

If you prepare ahead of time you and your child will be better suited for a successful travel experience.

(check out my post “travel with a baby” for a complete travel guide)

I suggest to wait (if you can) till the baby is 6 months old for longer flight. Infact, by 6 months babies sleep cycles are  more ingrained and they are more resilient. If they miss a nap they can still roll with it.

I even think that 0-4 weeks would be better than 2-4 months; since babies are still in the “new born” haze and can sleep pretty much anywhere.


Airplanes are very stimulating and at times uncomfortable places. Grin and bear and even try to find the humor in that situation, it will be over before you know it.

Below my personal to do list to face a flight with a baby:

  • Plan your seat ahead of time;
  • Book a seat that has a bassinet connection and a separate seat for your older child if needed;
  • Be prepared with snacks and fluids;
  • Bring lot of extra clothing and diapers;
  • Protect ears: during descent and takeoff we usually keep Jacopo sucking on his pacifier or a juice to relieve ear pressure. We give him decongestant only if he’s cold;
  • Bring your child’s favorite toys;
  • Bring favorite items that your kid associates to sleep;
  • Consider scheduling trips around your child’s sleep time;
  • Reserve a window seat: it gives you privacy for nursing or feeding and added bonus, a nice diversion for babies who like to look out;
  • Be gentle with youself and your baby: despite your best efforts sometimes babies just need to cry on a plane


I still remember Jacopo’s desperate crying during his first flight.

I was getting the evil eye from all those around me. It was hard, but it’s gonna happen. In the return flight Jacopo slept all the time and he was the hostesses’mascotte who kept repeating what an angelic baby I had.


And what about you?

Share any tips you learned along the way!!!