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Visit Carlsberg the famous Danish Brewery


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As you know Carlsberg is the famous beer produced in Denmark and one of the symbols of Copenaghen.

In the shade of two high towers, 2 km far from the city center you’ll find the Carlsberg brewery, one of the most known beers in the whole Europe.

We decide to reach the brewery on foot, starting from our hotel in the west side of Copenaghen. During our walking we took the advance to have a view of the less known streets of Copenaghen and to have a taste of citizens’ daily lives.

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After about 40 minutes walking we approached the Carlsberg gate, easily reachable even tought the presence of a construction site around the brewery.

In order to visit as much as we could, we decided to buy the full tiket that in addition to the ordinary visit of the brewery allowed us to have a private beer taste. It allowed us to visit some privare areas included a situation room used during the last world war to coordinate the Danish resistance to the German forces.



Before starting the beer taste we visited the brewery and all its room and equipment, included one of the widest beer collection in the world composed by 22558 bottles (but “only” 16918 present at the showroom). After that we had a small tour around the factory on a original Carlsberg horse car. Jacopo was very excited during this experience.




After the tour  we reached the Crasberg guide that accompained us to the private room for the beer tasting. He was very nice and well trained on bier history, taste and bier properties and we passed a very nice time talking with him.

We tasted three diferent bland of Jacobsen beer (the name of the founder) that can be bought only in the brewery or outside it just in particular occasion such the the Christmas period.

Jacopo had a juice and some snack that loves so much and allows us to chat with our guide and drink this lovable beer.




We decided to have the lunch in the Carlsberg restaurant, eating typical danish food (for more information related to the Danish food please visit the following post) accompaied by typical danish sympaty and to return to the city center with the black stunning Carlsberg double decker.

Bottom line, we spent very awesome time in visiting the brewery. Most likely the basic tour do not give the complete awareness of the brewery and people not speaking English definitely do not completely catch all the passion conveyed by the Carlsberg people.

If you like beer you cannot miss this place!